What is Hydreset?


As a result of the change in the form of intermolecular interactions, water molecules begin to form into more ordered, small-cluster structures with different spin states.


The resulting system strives for a state of equilibrium by creating compact structures. This causes changes in the physical and chemical and biological properties of water.



ISS Hydreset (Irrigation Support System) – a system of dynamic gas exchange, used in the distribution of nutrients in horticultural crops. Our devices consist of many elements and subassemblies, including our developed system of dynamic gas exchange in the medium or water. It causes that first the gases are displaced from the solution and then oxygen takes their place. The system leads to supersaturation of aqueous solutions with oxygen from the atmosphere.

ISS Hydreset is the result of many years of work of engineers and scientists, research in scientific centers and tests in industrial crops. All this in order to use the irrigation process to obtain more and better quality commercial crop and to improve the overall condition of the plants.


The use of the ISS Hydreset (Irrigation Support System) system allows to improve the crop yield and obtain a higher marketable yield. These results have been confirmed in scientific research conducted in scientific units, including: the Research and Didactic Station of Vegetable and Ornamental Plants in Psary, which is a unit of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. The research concerned various horticultural crops: two greenhouse crops (tomato, cucumber), butter lettuce and a field crop (radish).

Research was also carried out on the germination efficiency of various crops. The obtained results confirmed that the use of the Hydreset system contributes to a significant increase in the total yield and marketable yield compared to the results obtained in analogous cultivation without the use of the Hydreset system.

HYDROPONICS, crops & orchards

The cooperation assumes the implementation of ISS Hydreset Pro devices and the adaptation of the necessary infrastructure to connect them. On the other hand, ISS Hydreset Basic devices require connection by the manufacturer to the existing irrigation infrastructure. The performance of the devices will be adjusted to the needs in accordance with the presented technical documentation. Regarding cooperation for ISS Hydreset Pro, we offer maintenance, control (including online), leading to ensuring appropriate operating parameters of the device throughout the duration of the contract. In turn, in the case of the ISS Hydreset Basic, the terms of maintenance can be agreed individually in the contract, depending on the partners’ needs. It is also stipulated that for the proper operation of the devices, it is necessary to ensure appropriate microbiological purity (throughout the entire period of operation of the devices).

Before implementing the ISS Hydreset system, it is necessary to carry out an audit covering the determination of the total amount of flora: bacteria and fungi, and the exclusion or confirmation of the presence of selected microorganisms in the primary water intake.

We open for testing ISS Hydreset Technology by our clients.

Animal breeding

Advanced testing on livestock, tailored for swine producers, utilizing the specially designed Hydreset technology, has shown promising results in reducing the need for antibiotics while improving the overall health and well-being of animals.

Extensive studies conducted on fattening pigs using the Hydreset AN5 prototypes, a dedicated solution by Hydreset for swine farming, have demonstrated a significant decrease in antibiotic usage without compromising animal welfare.

Notably, these tests have shown remarkable improvements in the condition of the animals, including enhanced growth and weight gain.

These testes underscore the efficacy of the Hydreset technology, specifically developed for swine producers, and the AN5 prototypes as a valuable tool for optimizing animal health, reducing antibiotic reliance, and achieving greater efficiency in pig breeding practices.


Introducing an innovative solution for the aquaculture industry – the Hydreset system. Our technologically advanced solution offers a better alternative to current aeration systems. Hydreset not only enhances fish welfare but also improves farming efficiency. What sets our technology? The unique Hydreset technology eliminates the harmful consequences associated with the application of technologies such as liquid oxygen dissolution, which can have adverse effects on fish. As a result, our system provides optimal conditions for fish growth and development, leading to improved outcomes in aquaculture.


Choose Hydreset systems for your wastewater treatment needs and experience the power of our technology in preserving the environment while maintaining operational efficiency. Our highly useful and efficient technology offers a remarkable solution for eco-friendly processes.

With its unique water properties and high oxygen concentration, Hydreset systems can successfully be applied in ecological wastewater purification processes.

Together, let’s make a positive impact on our planet.


Our cutting-edge technology opens up new possibilities for enhancing extraction efficiency and enabling advanced industrial processes. By utilizing water with exceptional properties, Hydreset systems offer unparalleled advantages in the chemical industry.

With Hydreset, the possibilities are limitless.

Advanced research and development efforts are currently underway in the field of chemical waste treatment, indicating promising results in the effective recovery of rare earth metals from these wastes.


With the world facing shrinking freshwater resources, container desalination and remineralization stations offer a sustainable solution for addressing the global water scarcity challenge. These innovative stations utilize advanced technologies to desalinate seawater, providing a reliable source of freshwater in regions where traditional freshwater sources are depleting rapidly. By harnessing power of water structuring, these stations not only produce freshwater but also optimize its quality and ensuring a balanced mineral composition that is essential for human consumption. Container desalination and remineralization stations with water structuring capabilities offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to secure freshwater supplies.

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